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Selling Art Online

Sell Art Online


Selling art is a whole lot more than having a great image. Let's take a look at a sale and back track. 

Before the buyer can push the "Finish Order" button they have to have SEEN your artwork. In order to see your work, they have to find it. And before that they have to have felt the need to search for artwork such as yours. 

So the order of steps to get a buyer is: 

Create demand (for something they don't have a pressing need for) 
Make your artwork easily found 
Make your artwork easily purchased 


We are selling art and art is not a neccessity in daily life. Sure it makes life more bearable but is it food or shelter? For some the making of art is very important, a therapy perhaps. And for some shopping is a therapy of sorts. 

But the bottom line is that art is a luxury and to sell luxury items you need create some desire for the product. No one needs a $3,000 watch to tell time but they sell them every day! How? By selling the idea that this watch is your reward for working hard. This watch will make you more desirable and make everyone around you think that you are successful or cool. 

With art you are selling the concept that having this piece of artwork on my wall will make my space more attractive, hipper, cooler, more sofisticated etc. 

How do you create demand for your specific work instead of the thousands of other artists who exhibit online? Through every channel possible! Postcard mailings, local shows, online websites, blogs, commenting on blogs and producing and selling in other channels. For example my new book "the Quotable Westie" might not sell hundreds of copies but it gets my name out there. Every single buyer of the book will have links to my website and FAA portfolio in their hands. They'll show other people, buy it as a gift etc. 

Just having a book published allows me to list that as another qualification that tells potential buyers that I am a real artist, a professional, not some hobbist, amateur. 


The blogging, description etc all adds WORDS to an image. Most people don't stumble on to your images by doing image searches. They find it from word searches. Every chance you have you should associating your images with words within FAA and from outside.... 

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