Edward M. Fielding

Edward M. Fielding


New! Name Series in Alphabet Blocks

I have a new series that started as a request by a friend to create an image for the nursery of their new baby.  I started out with some generic words such as "Baby" but it blossomed into an ongoing series starting with some simple names that I could think of off the top of my head and then jumping into the list of the most popular names of 2012!



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Hand Aiden and Sophia a big, shiny trophy – they've topped the list of popular baby names once again.

Nipping at Aiden's heels is Ethan, who surged up the boys' list four spots since last year to land at number 3. Jack broke into the top 10, joining Jackson, Jacob, and Jayden, and making J the most popular starting letter for boys' names.

Mia danced onto the girls' top 10 list this year, striking a pose at number 9. Abigail lost her grip on the number 10 position she held last year and slid down to number 14."

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