Edward M. Fielding

Edward M. Fielding


More impressions of the new Canon EOS 6D

I've had my new Canon EOS 6D full frame camera for about a week now and I'm still learning all about it but one thing I can tell you is that I haven't had ot hit the noise reduction slider in Lightroom since I got it!  With my Lumix G3 and the G2 before that, I always gave the NR slider a bit of goose to about 15 or so to reduce some noise and junk especially in the sky.

Not with the Canon EOS 6D. The full frame sensor gives nice even "grain" in the unfocused areas.  Looks great!





Check out how well it works in studio conditions: Art Prints By the way, this image is up for the Fine Art America National TV stop contest, vote for it please!

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