Edward M. Fielding

Edward M. Fielding


Lighthouse Photographs - Prince Edward Island a lighthouse lover's paradise!

If you are a lighthouse lover and photographer, you can't beat Prince Edward Island as a destination. The Lighthouse map issued by the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society has sixty three lighthouses listed. This is the highest concentration of lighthouses in any province or state in North America! Twenty one of these are already decommissioned, 13 are listed as private and only 3 not accessible by car. Nine are opened to the public for touring the inside. There is even a lighthouse on Cousin's Shore that is available for rent as a cottage.


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The lighthouses on Prince Edward Island have unique shapes. PEI has a rich history and is the birthplace of confederation in Canada. It also has many historic lighthouses that were used to guide the ships delivering goods to and from Canada. PEI's lighthouses are classified in two ways "First Generation" (built before 1873) and "Second Generation" (those built following 1873). The difference between the two types is that first generation lighthouses have an octagonal shape and were constructed when timber was plentiful in the province. The second generation lighthouses are square shaped as by this point (post 1873) PEI's timber supply had been scarce because of the shipbuilding industry.



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