Edward M. Fielding

Edward M. Fielding


May 2014 Sales on Fine Art America

A list of sales of artwork by Edward M. Fielding on Fine Art America in May 2014.


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New Firmware Update for Canon 6D - How To

Canon has recently released a new firmware version for its DSLR EOS 6D camera. This update will fix the date and time reset issue.

Installing the 1.1.4, you will need a fully charged battery, an SD card (with no less than 64 MB capacity) and the firmware file.

Format the memory card with the camera and copy the “fir” file found in the downloaded archive.

Safety remove the device, plug it back in your camera, rotate the mode dial to “P” and hit the power switch.

In the menu, under the “Set-up 4 (Yellow)” screen, you will find the “firmware version” section. Press the “Set” button to go to the update screen. When asked, approve the installation.

The camera will search the card for available updates and will ask to select the file you want to install. After you've confirmed (once again) that you are willing to update, a progress bar will indicate how things are going.

After the procedure is complete, this will be displayed on the screen. Hit the “Set” button and power off your camera. Remove the battery for at least two seconds. This will cause the new firmware to take effect after the battery has been reloaded and the camera is turned on.

Huge Print Sold

Photography Prints


Just sold a 60 x 45 inch print of "Woman with Revolver". This piece is going to find a home in a young woman's apartment in New York City where it will be show off to the likes of her friends in the fashion industry. It will look fantastic in this size!

PhotoReel Group Photography Show at the Whitney

Gallery W @ The Whit, Pittsfield, MA in the Berkshires.  March photography show.




March Sales on Fine Art America continued...

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